Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? We've got answers. Take a look at our most frequently asked questions!

What is Alpha Lambda Theta?

An organization that was started with a vision for sisterhood between women especially for women with entrepreneur spirits

Do I have to be a college student to be a member?

No, we are a Non-collegiate sorority and offer several different ways to become a member

Do I have to be a business owner to be a member?

No, we ask that you have the mindset of an entrepreneur

How old do I have to be to become a member?

We look to recruit women ages 18 and up

How do I become a member?

First, complete the application online or in person at an interest meeting. Second, a member of the Recruiting team will contact you for a phone interview Third, interview with the Founder via Zoom Fourth, you will receive an offer letter from the President, if selected

Do you have a pledge process?

Yes, we do have a process that will be explained to members as they transition over

What is gained from being in your sorority?

We offer something different to each member for some it is meeting new people and making new friends for others it is volunteering in the community and understanding the true definition of sisterhood. For many it is networking and learning more about business and being around like-minded women . You form lifelong bonds with women that become known as your sister. These ladies become like your blood sister they are there for you during your ups and down. We are a family for life.

If I meet all requirements specified at the Rush Activity, do I automatically receive an invitation for membership intake?

No, our goal is to select women who not only meet the basic requirements but has a unique story and work ethic to bring to the sisterhood

What if I belong to another Greek Sorority am I still eligible for membership?

If you are a member of another organization holding membership in the National Pan Hellenic Council or Panhellenic Conference you are not eligible to join

How to participate in the Rush if no chapter is in my area?

We are designed to allow those without a chapter in their area to participate. Details are given during the time of the selection process.

Are there fees to becoming a member?

Being an active member requires a financial obligation. There is an initial non-refundable application fee, an initiation fee due immediately before intake membership, and finally, an annual membership due.

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